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Fast Preparation, Costs & Scheduling of Industrial TA, Shutdowns, Revamps & Maintenance

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Turnaround preparation, costs & scheduling – 100% FASTER USING GENERATOR TECHNOLOGY

We have finalized the prototype of our TA-system, and it is entirely Internet based. All you need to do is send an e-mail to a specified address containing necessary information that easily could be gathered from your database. After processing you can access the TA-information by entering a secured area on the Internet. Easy navigation will give you access to all thinkable information that is necessary in a TA- process. Your costs, man-hour, materials and complex technical information are all available, and just a click away. Bayze Shutdowns & TurnARound Int. has used many years of  experience and many programming hours to make the complex process of a TA, not only efficient, but also accessible.

Benefits of the TurnAround Generator ®

  1. Minimum input of the client.
  2. The speed
  3. Growing accuracy
  4. Interactivity
  5. Recycles or changes are easy to implement
  6. Multilingual.
  7. Better negotiation position for client
  8. Faster and cheaper tenders for contractor(s).
  9. Standardization.
  10. Less paperwork.

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  • shutdowns turnarounds  or
  • shutdowns turnarounds outages

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Benefits of the TurnAround Generator ®

What are the benefits of the Bayze TurnAround Generator®?

Minimum input of the client. Our estimate is that gathering of the equipment parameters (equipment type, diameter, height, length, etc ) data will take you about 16 hours. If downloaded from your maintenance or ERP systems ( SAP, Baan, etc ) it will cost you even less.

•The speed, we estimate that within a year we will reach our goal of generating a Turnaround within 24 hours. We are investigating new methods to reach a higher speed through parallel computing directly on the Internet server. Then the Turnaround generation will only take a few minutes.

•Growing accuracy, the more data we have the more accurate the outcome will be. At this moment Bayze is still producing data to fill the system.

•Interactivity. From every computer the stop-book pages can be seen, printed, corrected and revised. Corrections,  revisions and additions can be e-mailed also via special forms. Then only for the corrected, revised or added equipment the pages will be generated again. A revision index will be maintained by the generator.

•Recycles of work-orders or changes in working methods are easy to implement

•Multilingual. The Turnaround can be generated in one or more languages at the same time.

•Better negotiation position for client ( oil & petrochemical companies, power plants etc. ). The client can select a contractor and order the necessary materials in an early stage which will give him a better negotiation position.

•Faster and cheaper tenders for contractor(s). The same Turnaround can be generated for several contractors at the same time. By using ( price ) factors per equipment, equipment sort or for the whole Turnaround competition is secured.

•Standardization. Standardization of the Turnaround-book which will increase the familiarity resulting in increasing efficiency.

•Less paperwork. The system can be accessed from every computer if the user has the password, we assume that the user has a 19" screen or higher.

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