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Fast Preparation, Costs & Scheduling of Industrial TA, Shutdowns, Revamps & Maintenance

Dedicated to:

Nikola Tesla, Tower of Dreams! Inventor of the 1st Generator.

Turnaround preparation, Costs & Scheduling – 100% FASTER USING GENERATOR TECHNOLOGY

Here is the Deal!

And it is a No Cure, No Pay - Deal

( For 100 pieces of WO as a trial )

1-Plant owner downloads the ERP data (equipment typicals only ) and mails it to :



2- ShutdownPlaza will Generate:

2.1-The Turn Around books


>Scaffolding, Insulation, Cleaning, Mechanical, E/I & Painting

> Scope-Index

> Manhour-Index

> Wall Plan

> Material take off

> Scheduling Data ready to import to Primavera of MS-project.

2.2- The manpower & costs Overview

Afterwards we can discuss about our other products like:

  1. Planning Generator, automatic scheduling and leveling incl. updating & progressing
  2. Regional Overall Plan. Total plan for a Region i.e.Botlek, Antwerp, etc.
  3. TA-Courses. Multidisciplinairy Workpreparation, Plannning and Execution.
  4. Tendering on Internet. Contractors are able to tender on Internet for Turn Arounds / Shutdowns.
  5. Viewing on Internet. Data can be accessed via Lay-outs.

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